DHN is a digital solution connecting all citizens to their
health data and care providers

Services (Phase 1)

Digital Invoicing
Digital Certificate of incapacity of work
Digital Prescription

Services (Phase 2)

Payment Module


  • Administrative simplification and easy to use (families, assisted persons,….)
  • Optimal data protection
  • 100% transparency of the data activity for the user
  • Increased efficiency of the ecosystem in the Greater Region by federation of actors (citizens, doctors, employers, labs, insurance, banks, hospitals, state, …)
  • Reduced possibilities for fraud
  • Ecological
  • Made in Luxembourg


Digitalization of the health care system is still a puzzling challenge for all citizens, physicians and other health care providers.


By creating DHN, AMMD has gathered all what is necessary to:

– connect each citizen to all health care related data, health care providers or stakeholders (doctors, dentists, hospitals, pharmacies, medical laboratories, physiotherapists, research, …) but also insurance companies, health mutuals and others in a perfectly secure environment;

– build a user friendly mobile application for resident citizens as well as bordering workers which will allow them to visualize all type of personal health data (medical appointments and paramedics, prescriptions, radiological images, analyses, invoices, etc…) in a convenient way, to give their consents, opt their preferences, pay and transmit the information to authorized third parties (specialist physicians, pharmacies, compulsory and complementary insurances, research institutes,…).

Building Blocks

The building blocks of the platform (human assisted enrolment and authentication, information and smart advice, self-directed consent and preferences, payment) will constitute the basis of an open ecosystem.

Collaborative Ecosystem

As digitization cannot be centrally organized, AMMD proposes itself as a leading and reliable player in the field of health, as a federator of all the participating parties in order to realize the steps announced and as a partner of the Government and its ambitious digital strategy.

DHN is conceived as a public/private collaborative platform enabling each partner to join the ecosystem and to help achieving the precious objectives.

Thus, DHN has identified five clusters of key partners: organisations concerned by a public health convention, governmental entities, other companies involved in health matters but also individual physicians or citizens.

DHN is interested in any form of collaboration. Potential users of the projected services and investors can document their adherence to the project and give a push to a faster deployment. 

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